Clean Marina Facts

Who gets funds?
Funds are available to applicants whose facilities are located on navigable fresh or salt-water bodies within the State of Florida who service recreational vessels.

How much money is available for my project?
Based on funding from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, money for Clean Vessel Act Projects ranges from $1,500 to $30,000 for stationary pumpouts and up to $50,000 for pumpout vessels.

How can I get involved in the program?
Marinas can apply for grant funding to install a pumpout or repair a current pumpout.

When can I apply?
Grant applications are accepted on a year-round, continual basis.

The Clean Vessel Act

As the number of boaters increase, the threat of serious water pollution becomes greater. Discharging boat sewage releases disease-carrying micro-organisms which can lead to fish kills and contaminate shellfish that can cause illness when eaten. By using boat sewage pumpouts, you can improve and protect our water quality. In response, The Clean Vessel Act or CVA was implemented to reduce sewage discharge from boats by providing pumpout & dump stations for boaters to dispose waste in an environmentally responsible manner. The Clean Vessel Act provides monies to states for the construction, renovation, operation and maintenance of pumpout facilities.

In 1992 Congress passed the CVA to help reduce pollution as researchers determined that there were limited disposal facilities for boaters and subsequently sewage was being discharged into public waters. The Clean Vessel Act created a $40 million five-year federal grant program which is administered by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. These federal funds can be used to account for up to 75% of all approved projects.

The funding support provides expansion to more areas in the United States making pumpouts more accessible to the public. The bottom line is the greater accessibility to pumpout and dump stations translates to less pollution in our waters. Pump Out funding continues to be awarded yearly to states through the Clean Vessel Act.

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